N3XGEN.ioTM - Building vibrant
protocols on modern platform


Designed for building enterprise protocols across clouds, the “Click to Run” solution platform enable transformations for business applications. These solutions are of lower risk and easily supported in modern application development.

Open Integrations

Open integrations core is messaging framework that encapsulate event driven interactions with applications. Built & templatized based on enterprise integration patterns to address all your integration needs.

Preconfigured DevOps, CI/CD and automation capabilities are aligned to the specifics of cloud-centric integrated solution deployments which are synchronized through the N3XGEN.io portal.

BYOL Integrations

Bring-Your-Own-License Integrations help deploys scalable and secure cloud-native integration technology with your existing software perpetual licenses. A simple web-based interface automatically provisions best practices solutions for your enterprise hybrid integration needs.

IT teams can deploy cloud-native integration technology in hours without training as the platform manages high availability development, test, and production configuration behind the scenes, integrated with the cloud provider with built-in upgrades to latest version of the software.

Cutting down the complexity of
EDI Implementation with B2B Software


Making your supply chain run smoothly isn’t an option - it’s a necessity. But half of the companies that use EDI are dissatisfied with the system they use. Combining it with a faster-moving market and new stresses from “work from home” and “post-pandemic” business relationships, looking at ways to modernize B2B is timely. Your supply chain and customers get nervous when your B2B platform - based on EDI, eCommerce APIs, or file transfer — isn’t stable. With N3XGEN.ioTM powered B2B, your partner interactions are more stable, scalable, and able to handle even the biggest stresses!


If your company is on the acquisition trail — or your business is expanding into new markets organically — activating your ecosystem quickly is a competitive advantage. If your business isn’t ready to tap into new suppliers or customers, you've missed the opportunity to bank your future. Unlike traditional B2B programs, SMART EDI doesn’t force you to start from scratch with every partner, nor every integration. Built with accelerators for document mapping & automated trading agreement setup, you can get your new partners up and running fast enough to capture that market opportunity.


Transform how you do business with your trading partner network via Bring-Your-Own-License B2B software on the N3XGEN.IO platform. It enables one-click install, next-day development and zero-dollar software upgrade with zero downtime. Our pre-configured templates with built-in center of excellence accelerates partner deployments.